About Bristol

Bristol is an area enriched with hundreds of years of history, located in a beautiful area near the sea. Today’s Bristol is full of cultural experiences, modern convenience, as well as the historical charm still embodied in many of the ancient buildings, churches, and historical landmarks. If you are curious about more information on the history of the city of Bristol, as well as what both the geography and climate of the area are like, read on. The facts may pleasantly surprise you!


Bristol has long been a city tied with prosperity, sea life, and trade. For many years, London, York, Norwich, and Bristol were among the most important cities in Britain based upon taxes collected.

Historians believe that the area where Bristol is has been a home to humans perhaps since the Paleolithic area. There was also a settlement there during the era of the Roman Empire, but was more officially founded circa 1000 as Brycgstow. The town was granted city status when the Diocese of Bristol was founded in 1542, and what was the Abbey of St. Augustine became Bristol Cathedral, which still stands to this day.

Later, Bristol experienced the population boom brought about by industrialisation (though not as much as some cities, like Liverpool, did). During WWII, like London, Bristol suffered Luftwaffe bombing raids. Bristol has had an important role in trading, ship building and manufacturing, and continues to be an important port to this very day.

Today, restoration projects focusing on the historical architecture in the area are prominent. The town is home to several important post-secondary institutions, accessible by a few major highways as well as rail, air, and bus, is a great leisure spot, and is home to several football clubs.

Geography and Climate

Bristol is nestled in an area of beautiful hills near the rivers Avon and Frome. Areas around Bristol, such as Leigh Woods and The Downs, have become protected areas. Bristol is so near the sea, and this can affect the weather.

It is one of the UK’s warmest and sunniest cities, making it an ideal place to spend a family holiday, visit the beach, or see one of the nearby protected areas. Bristol’s warmest months are from June until September.